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Interactive JShell and Block Runner for DJL

This is a demo application designed for user to use JShell and DJL online. Hosted by AWS Elastic Beanstalk, it contains all Java 11 feature. Try it out: - Interactive Shell. - Block Runner



We did some pre-configuration for each JShell as follows:

import ai.djl.ndarray.NDManager;
import ai.djl.ndarray.NDArray;
import ai.djl.ndarray.types.Shape;
import ai.djl.ndarray.index.NDIndex;
NDManager manager = NDManager.newBaseManager();

Backend built on top of Spring Boot and frontend built on top of xterm.js.

Currently, this console only offers limited operations like: - backspace to remove content - left and right arrow to move cursor - copy/paste option to paste to command line - clear keyword to clear the screen

Block Runner

The backend also host a block runner which allows you to write Java like python script:


Users can use varies of engines(MXNet, PyTorch and TensorFlow).