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DJL Extension for Quarkus

This is an extension for quarkus to better integrate DJL into quarkus applications.

Currently, this extension covers inference by letting you inject a Predictor with a model defined using the Quarkus configuration. You can access the Predictor by using:

DjlPredictorProducer predictorProducer;

To configure what model this predictor contains, the following configuration is available:

  • quarkus.djl-model.input-class - Required Java class path String
  • quarkus.djl-model.output-class - Required Java class path String
  • quarkus.djl-model.application - Application String
  • quarkus.djl-model.engine - Engine name (String)
  • quarkus.djl-model.groupId - Model group Id (String)
  • quarkus.djl-model.artifactId - Model artifact Id (String)
  • quarkus.djl-model.filters.{filterName} - Value for filter {filterName} (String)
  • quarkus.djl-model.modelName - Model name (String)

For more information, see the Javadoc for the extension's DjlModelConfiguration class and DJL's Criteria class.

To see this in action, view the extension example.