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DJL Kafka Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data

This an example to show case how to deploy a deep learning model in Apache Kafka.

We will use DJL's built-in sentiment analysis model based on PyTorch to run analysis on twitter data. There is a data.txt extracted from the Kaggle Twitter Sentiment Analysis Dataset. This demo will make predictions on whether the tweet is positive or negative.


  1. DJL requires JDK 8+, you can follow the quick start guide.
  2. Kafka installed, download from website or use brew install kafka

Steps to run

1. start zookeeper:

zookeeper-server-start /opt/homebrew/etc/kafka/

2. start kafka server:

kafka-server-start /opt/homebrew/etc/kafka/

3. create test topic

kafka-topics --create --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 --replication-factor 1 --partitions 1 --topic twitter-data

4. download data

curl -O

5. pipe twitter data into producer

kafka-console-producer --broker-list localhost:9092 --topic twitter-data < data.txt

6. run prediction inside consumer

./gradlew run

sample output

content: @Frumph I'd hug you, too!  Poor Frumph.....
prediction: [
        class: "Positive", probability: 0.99894
        class: "Negative", probability: 0.00105
content: Andre Riue on neighbours..what has the world come to...internets down  lol
prediction: [
        class: "Negative", probability: 0.97309
        class: "Positive", probability: 0.02690
content: Looks like rain today, bet it buckets down as soon as I step outside front door, always the way !!!!, downhill all the way from today
prediction: [
        class: "Negative", probability: 0.99624
        class: "Positive", probability: 0.00375