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DJL Component in Apache Camel

An example application that demonstrates simple HTTP-service to classify images using Zoo Model.

Install the Java Development Kit

For ubuntu:

    sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jdk-headless

For centos

    sudo yum install java-11-openjdk-devel

For Mac:

    brew tap homebrew/cask-versions
    brew update
    brew cask install adoptopenjdk11

You can also download and install Oracle JDK manually if you have trouble with the previous commands.

If you have multiple versions of Java installed, you can use the $JAVA_HOME environment variable to control which version of Java to use.

Build demo

    mvn clean package

Start demo

    mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="one.entropy.demo.camel.djl.Demo"

Call service demo

    curl -i -X POST -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -F "image=@src/test/resources/10.png" http://localhost:8080/upload

Expected response

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Accept: */*
    Connection: keep-alive
    Content-Type: application/json
    Content-Length: 223
    User-Agent: curl/7.64.1
    Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2020 12:47:10 GMT

      "0" : 0.99999976,
      "1" : 1.6826518E-10,
      "2" : 2.3258349E-7,
      "3" : 1.7166844E-9,
      "4" : 3.8892398E-10,
      "5" : 4.3790166E-10,
      "6" : 1.8994905E-8,
      "7" : 2.4817006E-9,
      "8" : 2.1708624E-9,
      "9" : 2.9330971E-8