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DJL - PyTorch native Library


This project builds the JNI layer for Java to call PyTorch C++ APIs. You can find more information in the src.


You need to install cmake and C++ compiler on your machine in order to build


apt install cmake g++

CPU Build

Use the following task to build PyTorch JNI library:


./gradlew compileJNI


gradlew compileJNI

This task will send a Jni library copy to pytorch-engine model to test locally.

GPU build

Note: PyTorch C++ library requires CUDA path set in the system.

Use the following task to build pytorch JNI library for GPU:


./gradlew compileJNIGPU


gradlew compileJNIGPU

The task will build CUDA 10.1 by default, you can change the flavor in compileJNIGPU to cu92 to use CUDA 9.2.

downloadBuild("win", "cu92")

Format C++ code

It uses clang-format to format the code.

./gradlew formatCpp