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DJL - Jupyter notebooks


This folder contains tutorials that illustrate how to accomplish basic AI tasks with Deep Java Library (DJL).

Beginner Tutorial

More Tutorial Notebooks


JDK 11 (not jre)

JDK 11 (or above are required) to run the examples provided in this folder.

to confirm the java path is configured properly:

java --list-modules | grep "jdk.jshell"

> jdk.jshell@12.0.1

Install jupyter notebook on python3

pip3 install jupyter

Install IJava kernel for jupyter

git clone
cd IJava/
./gradlew installKernel

Start jupyter notebook

jupyter notebook

Docker setup

You may want to use docker for simple installation or you are using Windows.

Run docker image

cd jupyter
docker run -itd -p -v $PWD:/home/jupyter deepjavalibrary/jupyter

You can open the http://localhost:8888 to see the hosted instance on docker.

Build docker image by yourself

You can read Dockerfile for detail. To build docker image:

cd jupyter
docker build -t deepjavalibrary/jupyter .