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LMI V10 containers release

This document will contain the latest releases of our LMI containers. For details on any other previous releases, please refer our github release page

Release Notes

Release date: June 6, 2024

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Key Features

LMI container

  • Provided general performance optimization.
  • Added text embedding support
  • Our solution for text embedding is 5% faster than HF TEI solution.
  • Multi-LoRA feature now supports LLama3 and AWS models

TensorRT-LLM container

  • Upgraded to TensorRT-LLM 0.9.0
  • AWQ, FP8 support for Llama3 models on G6/P5 machines
  • Now, default max_new_tokens=16384
  • Bugfix for critical memory leaks on long run.
  • Bugfix for model hanging issues.

Transformers NeuronX container

  • Upgraded to Transformers NeuronX 2.18.2

DeepSpeed container (deprecated)

  • We have removed support for deepspeed and renamed our deepspeed container to lmi. The lmi container contains lmi-dist and vllm, and all existing workloads with deepspeed can be easily migrated to one of these backends. See for steps on how to migrate your workload.

CX Usability Enhancements/Changes

  • Model loading CX:
    • SERVING_LOAD_MODELS env is deprecated, use HF_MODEL_ID instead.
  • Inference CX:
    • Input/Output schema changes:
    • Speculative decoding now in streaming, returns multiple jsonlines tokens at each generation step
    • Standardized the output formatter signature:
      • We reduced the parameters of output_formatter by introducing RequestOutput class.
      • RequestOutput contains all input information such as text, token_ids and parameters and also output information such as output tokens, log probabilities, and other details like finish reason. Check this doc to know more.
      • Introduced prompt details in the details of the response for vLLM and lmi-dist rolling batch options. These prompt details contains the prompt token_ids and their corresponding text and log probability. Check this doc to know more.
    • New error handling mechanism:
      • Improved our error handling for container responses for rolling batch. Check this doc to know more -New CX capability:
      • We introduce OPTION_TGI_COMPAT env which enables you to get the same response format as TGI. doc
      • We also now support SSE text/event-stream data format. doc

Breaking Changes

  • Inference CX for rolling batch:
  • Token id changed from list into integer in rolling batch response.
  • Error handling: In the previous release if any error happens, without sending any response back, the process hangs and request client gets timeout. Now, instead of timeout, you will receive the end jsonline of “finish_reason: error” during rolling batch inference.
  • DeepSpeed container has been deprecated, functionality is generally available in the LMI container now.

Known Issues

We will be addressing these issues in the upcoming release. - LMI-TensorRT-LLM container - TensorRT-LLM periodically crashes during model compilation. - TensorRT-LLM AWQ runtime quantization currently crashes due to an internal error.