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Inference performance tuning

Optimize the PyTorch inference performance

Multithreading Inference

To use multithreading inference feature, we have to disable GC to close the NDArray by

# If you are using DJL 0.5.0
# If you are using DJL 0.6.0

Please make sure all the NDArrays are attached to the NDManager. It is expected to be fixed in the future.

oneDNN(MKLDNN) acceleration

Unlike TensorFlow and Apache MXNet, PyTorch by default doesn't enable MKLDNN which is treated as a device type like CPU and GPU. You can enable it by


You might see the exception if certain data type or operator is not supported with the oneDNN device.

Thread configuration

There are two configurations you can set to optimize the inference performance.

-Dai.djl.pytorch.num_interop_threads=[num of the interop threads]

It configures the number of the operations JIT interpreter fork to execute in parallel.

-Dai.djl.pytorch.num_threads=[num of the threads]

It configures the number of the threads within the operation. It is set to number of CPU cores by default.

You can find more detail in PyTorch.